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Craft crushes

I guess this is the traditional page giving links to friends, aquaintances and those who I have a serious craft-crush on!

tinyfawn on etsy


Tinyfawn. I found this the other day on etsy through twitter (I love how twitter helps me discover new stuff on a daily basis). Look how beautiful her illustrations are.

veronica buttons on etsy


Veronica buttons. I bought myself this gorgeous ceramic button as a birthday treat after having had her stuff in my favourites list on etsy for a looooooong time!

arts and laughs workshops


Arts & Laughs. I have done a couple of workshops with Sophie from Arts & Laughs now – Batik and Freehand Machine Embroidery – and it has been great fun.



Elly Mackay creates the most stunning paper theatres and photographs them. The imaes are very soft and beautiful. I must purchase one of her prints soon.

Shirley Hughes


Shirley Hughes is my hero. Her books and illustrations are a huge part of my childhood memories.



Tugba Kop's work is so inspiring. Beautiful embroidery which looks sketched, it has a really lovely quality. She does a lot of illustration of elderly people... I'd love to get her to do a custom portrait of my Grandma. One day!


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