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Other stuff I make

I love learning new crafts and I am addicted to workshops and craft courses. Over the years I have studied Silversmithing, and several different methods of using resin. I have also dabbled in embroidery (hand and freehand machine embroidery), felting, beading, using silver clay, screenprinting, drypoint and monoprinting, sewing, batik... so I'm not loyal to a single craft... I love experimenting.

This page is all about doing something different from the usual and having a go at new things.

Letterpress Workshop


Letterpressing is something I have been hankering after doing for a really long time. So I jumped at the opportunity to do a session when I saw it was on at Craft Central. We all had a go printing greetings cards with pre-made blocks, and we then put together our own designs using the trays of typefaces which they had available.

My "Merry & Bright" is the result of being let loose on the type trays and attempting to use as many faces as possible all at once. My design ended up being a little big for a christmas card, so I plan to make a really good scan and print them up for my xmas cards. Not quite the point of Letterpress, but hey, I absolutely love it.

Freehand Machine Embroidery

freehand machine embroidery

In September I did a class at Arts and Laughs in Maidenhead, Berkshire, where we created cute collages using scrap fabric. It was really fun to do, I thoroughly enjoyed making this. We added buttons and a bit of hand embroidery on top of it.



I did a days screenprinting at Print Club London. It was such a fab day getting messy with squeegees and learning the processes. I'm gutted that I never did this at school – several of the people on the course were doing it as a refresher – I think I missed out there!


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