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I’m Bryony, a craft-addict living and creating in Hertfordshire, UK.
I make jewellery in resin and silver, but also regularly flirt with other crafts. This is my portfolio of hand made craftiness for you to peruse.

My etsy shop is where you can find my jewellery for sale. Follow me
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Thanks for coming!

*NEW* Leather(ette) Lovelies

Leather moustache stuffie necklace

I have finally found a craft which suits my commute on the train :) I am able to sew these leather (and faux leather) stuffed pendants on my way to work, and although I get some strange looks (and have to swap to reading on the kindle when there is no elbow room), I have really enjoyed the sewing time.

Rememberance Sunday Poppy

Leather Poppy

I stitched this leather poppy for Rememberance Day from some scrap fabric I was given. I love the idea of making something to bring out every autumn, and I'll make sure I still make a donation to this worthy cause when I see the fundraisers in town.

I follow the magazine MollieMakes on twitter and they featured my poppy in a blog post here :)

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